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  • 1. Purchase  BLACK OPAL  cosmetics  products  worth  $30  or  more  that include at least BLACK OPAL COLOR product ( Eye Liner, Lip Liner, Lipstick, Lip-gloss, Eye Shadow or Mascara) and  qualify  to  get  an  entry  form. ( You  can  enter  as many  times  for  each different purchase worth $30  with a different picture to increase your chances of winning).
  • 2. Only females who are 16 years old and above are allowed to enter.
  • 3. Only Zimbabwean residents residing in Zimbabwe with valid identification applicable by law can enter.
  • 4. Attach to the ENTRY FORM AN A6 size photo/portrate of face only. (From the Neck Up only accepted).
  • 5. Proof of purchase must be attached with the form and A6 size photo and sealed.
  • 6. Return entry form to the retailer from where you purchased
    • a. Ensure retailer has confirmed receipt of entry by filling in your name in the entry form control book in store
  • 7. Retailer should stamp   and sign   for acknowledgement of receipt and purchase.
  • 8. Cut-off date for entry collections is around or on the 16th of every month. New round for entrants will be uploaded on media on or around the 22nd of every month. (please check on www.blackopalzim.com and facebook.com/BOPZim for The Calendar
    • a. Forms with delayed entry or collections will be rolled over into the next month/phase
    • b. If  purchase  is  made   after  the  16th  only  then  will a  form  be  submitted  into  the  next  month
  • 9. Photos must be recent
  • 10. A resolution of 300 DPI is accepted. (ask your photographer)
  • 11. Workers, staff, service provider and family members of Black Opal Cosmetics Zimbabwe and Yolana Investments trading as PRIVATE NUMBER, CAN NOT ENTER the competition.
  • 12. By entering BOFOZ 2014,  you accept that you will be called for photo shoots and dress rehearsals at your own cost
  • 13. If you qualify for the FINALE, it will be assumed you will understand that you will be a Brand Ambassador for BLACK OPAL as part of the prize.
    • a. You submit  a  passport  size/wrong  photo, will have you disqualified
    • b. Hand  in your ENTRY  form  without  proof of purchase receipt  having  your  transaction  number  or  receipt  number  written  in  pen  will have you disqualified
    • c. A photo showing entire body instead of just your face will have you disqualified
    • d. You are a worker, staff, service provider and family member of Black Opal Cosmetics Zimbabwe and Yolana Investments trading as PRIVATE NUMBER will have you disqualified
    • e. Fail to attend compulsory photo shoots and rehearsals
    • f. PLEASE NOTE The custodians of BOFOZ 2014 will not be held liable to any lost forms